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Green Earth Recycling (Pakistan) has devised a high quality environment friendly and long lasting wood alternative by utilizing a winning combination of material and technology. Green Plastic Wood is composed of a unique blend of recycled polyethylene plastic such as shopping bags and plastic scraps. Strong and impact resistant with the beauty and finish of natural wood, it is maintenance-free, insect, termite, and water proof. In addition, it also resists rotting, splitting, and splintering. Not only does the product remove the menace of plastic bags from the solid waste mainstream, it also eliminates the use of wood thus conserving our already dwindling forest reserves.

Green plastic wood is much cheaper when compared to the better quality wood products like cedar, shisham, deodar and maranty etc. It is a proven fact that after you spend your time & money treating and maintaining a product made of natural wood, a maintenance free Green Plastic Wood product would cost you less than the wood product and still be more durable and have a life-lasting beauty with alluring colours.